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I came to Susan for help after serious work problems caused a number of physical and mental health issues. I didn't know what to expect from a herbalist, but after a few months the changes are far beyond what I expected. I've improved my energy levels, digestion, sleep patterns and my emotional state. I've even reduced physical pain caused by stress. And with Susan's help I've learned to protect myself better, through diet and meditation, so I've regained a lot of my confidence, composure and self-belief. It's not just the herbal tonics and good advice; Susan's support has been comprehensive, as much about changing my bad habits as about introducing new, good things into my life. It's been wonderful to have someone with so much knowledge about medicine, psychology, botany and wellbeing to encourage me along a recovery path and to change my way of living for the better.



When I first went to see Susan for a herbal treatment, I was needing to change things in my life and wasn't sure what they fully were. I remember sitting with Susan on our first session and found her easy to talk to and a wonderful listener. She chose some herbs that enabled me to take ownership of my own journey. The first mix of herbs I took, really changed something in me, I was able to start to make changes in my mindset and therefore in my life. The sessions that followed, always challenged my thinking and my perception, which I'm grateful for, as I needed to change the patterns within my mind, in order to bring about changes in my life. Susan used many different techniques during our sessions, all of which helped me to start to trust myself again. I'm very grateful to Susan for the sessions and the support she gave me in order to understand myself better and make more supportive choices for myself. She is a wonderful therapist and I highly recommend sessions with her and the choice of herbal medicine is excellent.

J. Railton


After a one to one consultation discussing all aspects of my wellbeing and lifestyle, Susan has helped me to feel better than ever. From a simple consultation, although sceptical at first, I was astounded in how much Susan could help me. Advising on diet and lifestyle, alongside individualised remedies I never realised such an achievement could be gained from such a simple consultation. Susan is, truly, a credit to the profession and I can only encourage anyone to seek these opportunities more readily.

Phil Vollans


I was referred to Susan Goldsmith, because I was feeling far from happy with my general health. At 67 I  am still active, playing squash, tennis, golf and gardening, however I was feeling lethargic, constantly tired, short of breath with itching skin and constant build up of acid in the stomach. From my first contact with Susan I began to think and act positively after she had advised that my body was "out of balance" and after one course of treatment I felt 100% better. I have now seen Susan approx 5 times at 3 weekly intervals and not only has her treatment been most helpful so have the "one to one " discussions of what can be achieved by following her sound advice. The medication has been adjusted as necessary each time and I have now decided to terminate any further treatment as I feel there is no need. I have been entirely happy in the way Susan has worked with me.

Harry Kershaw


I went to see Susan about a number of issues I had been experiencing for over 15 years mainly relating to sleep, hormone and digestive problems. I had seen doctors but I felt that I was not getting anywhere, as they were only looking at the symptoms and I wanted to find out and address the cause. This was my first experience of 'alternative' health advice, so I was not sure what to expect. Susan's knowledgeable and personable approach soon put me at ease though.  

Susan takes a truly holistic view and treats you as an individual. There is no 'one size fits all' here. She does not make assumptions and will listen attentively to you to really understand and treat what is happening on both a physical and emotional level.  Her open and understanding approach made me feel that I could be completely honest about some potentially embarrassing topics and felt confident that I would not be judged and would be listened to. Susan is very supportive between sessions too and if you have any questions, she is always happy to answer them in a clear and straightforward way.

I am very glad that I sought Susan's support - while these long-term issues cannot be solved overnight, I know that with her support, I am definitely moving in the right direction and am making really positive changes in my life to tackle these issues for good.


Leamington Spa

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I have been seeing Susan for a number of months for a chronic bladder condition, which can be very painful and debilitating. Susan is very knowledgeable and expert in not only medical herbalism but also wellbeing. My journey with Susan began with looking at my symptoms, possible causes, including lifestyle, past and present. Treatment initially consisted of herbal teas and tinctures which I found to be a great help. We then looked at my wellbeing. Susan is extremely aware of lifestyles, and a person’s mental approach to ailments and the interactions that influence a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. We have been working on this and the results are nothing short of astounding. Although I still have symptoms they have considerably reduced and I am learning to manage them within my everyday activities. If I was to summarize my experience, before seeing Susan my thoughts seemed to revolve around my pain and even dying. I now focus on life and living. My quality of life has changed considerably since seeing Susan. I would recommend Susan to anyone suffering any sort of pain (physical or mental).
Susan is a remarkable lady who offers remarkable life changing results.



Susan is so much more than just a herbalist, she is the best friend you never had, a confidante and soulmate. Thanks to her patience and wisdom, she is guiding me through various issues, both physically and emotionally. Treating her patients holistically she looks for the root cause of the problem, unlike the 10 minutes you get with your GP, who gives yet more medication, as a process of elimination. Thank you Susan

Jane McGhee


Thank you Susan, for seeing me in your home. Listening patiently. Understanding how I felt. Reassuring me when I was scared. Giving me courage and self-belief. Making me smile. Giving me the best medicine. Caring. Letting me speak about what was was on my mind without making me feel silly. Going the extra mile. With love..

Caroline Kavanagh


I was introduced to Susan by a good friend of mine, who had benefited greatly from her advice.  Before I saw Susan, I was feeling VERY menopausal!! But since I have been seeing her I feel like a different person and have a great sense of well-being. Susan is very approachable and knowledgeable.  If you have not tried Herbal Medicine from a holistic point of view I can highly recommend it.


Kings Heath

I contacted Susan when I was experiencing extreme night sweats and my sleep patterns were poor. I was experiencing some anxiety and really did not feel in a good place. I was hoping all my symptoms could be labelled as menopausal and that it could be 'sorted.' Susan's approach was to take a more holistic view through re-balancing myself and grounding me. After one month of treatment my night sweats had disappeared - healed through initiation of my body's re-balancing process that got stronger as my visits to Susan continued. Coming to visit you was a real herbal enlightening as well as looking into myself and discovering me again. Thank you so much.


Leamington Spa

Emotionally, I feel in a much better place, and it’s been a long long time since I’ve felt so genuinely happy, and for that, I have to thank you, tons. Thanks for the amazing mixes, what I life changer you are!



I found Herbal Medicine to be really useful in increasing my energy levels and strengthening my immune system, which provided a sense of overall balance. Susan has been brilliantly supportive and empathetic.

Carole Brooke


Susan has treated me on and off for months. She is very patient, a great listener and inuitive with her approach. She has helped me personally with a number of issues but mainly anxiety. I am significantly better.

Mark Collins


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