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Sole Connection: grounding yourself for health

If the idea of switching off your phone and abandoning your trusty socks and shoes to wallow in the long grass horrifies you, then read on. Your health may appreciate it more than you have previously realised….

Emerging scientific evidence is showing the healing properties of doing activities that help to ground us, specifically those which requires direct physical contact with the earth’s surface. The reason behind this is simple: exposure to the natural electromagnetic signals in the environment are absolutely essential for life and consciousness.

This was quickly realised when health reports came back from the first astronauts. By no longer being exposed to the natural earthly radiation, they experienced a series of migraines, emotional distress, and disrupted circadian rhythms. To combat this effect subsequent flights have a device fitted to stimulate a specific frequency that matches that in which all life on earth encounters.

Mankind depends on two subtle environmental signals in order to function effectively, they are the Schumann waves that closely surround the planet, and the geomagnetic waves that emanate from within the planet. Together the two exert a frequency of 7.83Hz and has been coined the Schumann Resonance. This background frequency influences the rhythms of our brainwaves precisely because our brains resonate to the same frequency. Specifically they match with alpha brain waves which help us to feel calm and promotes feelings of deep relaxation.

It has been shown that detection of Schumann waves are almost impossible within a city due to the manmade electromagnetic pollution from devices that use wi-fi. Yet further afield into the countryside or the sea, the signals are very strong. Geomagnetic signals are also unable to reach us because of our lifestyles. Our days keep us cooped up indoors, sitting down, staring at a TV or computer screen, under artificial light, morning and night, day after day. This is far from natural, or to put it another way, these are not the conditions under which a person was designed to prosper. And many are not.

An electrical device without an earth wire exposes the user to accidental electrocution. But in the case of an earthed appliance the wire gives a safe route for an excessive current and it is safely discharged.

By not having regular connection electrically with the earth we become liabilities for chronic disease. Our bodies are essentially electric and the consequences of it being exposed to unnatural frequencies, combined with the inability to get rid of them creates an accumulating toxic island.

The pictures here show blood samples before and after grounding on the earth. The clumped cells on the left are the result of an excessive positive charge in the blood; however after only 40 minutes grounding the blood cells have been able to balance their charge via the negatively charged earth.

So what is the solution?

Finding ways of incorporating an earth connection into your day for you and your children. Escape into nature, unplug from your phone, plant your feet on the ground and listen to birdsong and the wind in the trees. If the surface is wet as in the case of morning dew, then all the better as water serves to increase conductivity.

Any natural surface will do, try ....

Soil. Sand. Sea. Stone.

Simple really.

The benefits to grounding can go towards prevention or healing of physical disease. On a spiritual level you’ll likely be more centred, balanced, and connected to your truest self. You will be able to make more honest decisions based on respect for your own needs and those of others. Your zest for life will return and creativity will flow, while pain and anxiety will fade into the back of your mind, or more accurately, into the ground! Through your soles get back in touch with your soul.

Still feeling ‘out of synch’? Not feeling quite yourself? Power down, unlace, step out, breathe and tune into the rhythms of life. Your body will certainly thank you for it.

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